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Journey of Dreams :

“We are born to live; Live and grow; Grow with dreams; Dreams to fly;”

Fly to make your dreams come true. God has created dazzling beauties across the world in the forms of waters, plains, hills, deserts, forests and bounded the elegant sky as the limit as the end of our Journey. Now-a-days, Man crosses beyond the limit and pierce into the sky to set his own limits. So, we are all set to connect your dreams with reality. Here we go, Zam Zam Tours & Travels acts as a bridge between our dreams and reality by taking us all the way from adorable nooks to gorgeous corners of the world.

What do we do?

Covering up the VISA process for all the countries.

Pilgrimage trip to Mecca by making your holiday a holy day.

Multilingual guide services.

Pilgrimage trip to Mecca by making your holiday a holy day.

Cab services And Food and accommodation in all categories of hotels from budget to 5 Star hotels in the preferred location.

Educational and adventurous tours And Ticket reservations - Air, Train and Buses.



Italy + Venice

7 Jul – 16 Jul 2018
$860 + transfers


17 Jul – 30 Jul 2018
$1900 + transfers

USA (National Parks)

6 Sep – 17 Oct 2018
$760 + transfers + visa


16 Aug – 25 Aug 2018
$600 + transfers


6 Aug – 17 Aug 2018
$990 + transfers

Caribbean Islands

15 Apr – 27 Apr 2018
$1500 + transfers + visa


16 Oct – 4 Nov 2018
$800 + transfers


16 Oct – 4 Nov 2018
$2300 + transfers + visa


Who we are?

Zam Zam Tours & Travels is one of the renowned companies in the world of Tourism established in the year 2018. We serve our best at all times in the deals of travel planning, hotel bookings, ticket reservations and transport facilities. We also excel especially in making the holy pilgrimage trip to Mecca with smooth and comfortable transit with affordable prices. We act round the clock and extend support through our online platform linked to www.zamzamtours&


Sharing your dreams to travel on pilgrimage or any preferred location to us is the only task we let you do. From there on, we take in full cover of your journey with joys and comforts. Customer satisfaction is the goal of our business and we make you feel your dreams on board.

Why to choose Zam Zam Tours & Travels?

Quality of services which is the ultimate reason for high customer retention rate.

Personalized assistance on arrival and departure

customized and affordable price ranges as per customers requirements.

Good and reliable network of business partners across the world And High standards of communication.


Take a look at photos & videos from previous journeys. Read testimonials from our new & regular clients.

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